Rich colors, easy to clean, Green product.





Tuff-Wall  key features


High Bonding  Through new research with resins, polymers and additives our Tuff-Wall product has a superior bonding strength to almost any surface.

Easy to Apply  With a little practice, the weekend warrior can easily apply Tuff-Wall with the use of a trowel and hawk.

Durable  Tuff-Wall is so strong that when scratched with a penny it will wear off the penny without hurting the wall. It has superior scratch and dent qualities.

Water Proof  Tuff-Wall is water proof it has the Ability to withstand  the humidity and other liquids.      

Mold/Mildew Resistant Because Tuff-Wall is a vapor permissible and breathable surface it is fungus & mildew resistant.

Color Fast  The color of Tuff-Wall is made by the combination of the ceramic coated quarts stones. The colors will not fade or streak due to age, sun or chemical cleaning.

Beauty/Texture  Tuff-Wall offers a large verity of colors to chose from. The distinctive & dimensional stone texture not only enhance the value of your property, it also makes it look rich and elegant.

Easy to Clean  Walls stay cleaner longer. Dust or dirt doesn’t stick easily and marks can be cleaned with household cleaners.

Environmentally Friendly  Because Tuff-Wall is a water bourn product it is environmentally friendly.

Affordable  Tuff-Wall is cost efficient in comparison to higher end paint and wall-paper and is much stronger than these and other products.

10 Year warranty  We are proud to be able to offer this exclusive 10 year warranty on our product.


Go for the GREEN

our products are Environmentally Friendly

Text Box: Rich Colors Unlimited colors to match and enhance any décor.
Text Box: Mildew Resistant The vapor permissible, breathable surface makes it fungus & mildew resistant.
Text Box: Easy to Clean Strong enough to withstand scrubbing brush and household cleaning. Text Box: Color Fast These  non-fading, ceramic coated quartz  are tough, beautiful, durable colors that will not bleed, streak or fade. 
Text Box: Environmental Friendly Innovative water-base technology. Good for both user and our environment.

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